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    Downtown Vancouver Naturopathic Clinic

    We are a group of dedicated Naturopaths that strive to make a significant difference in our community. We use our gift of Natural Medicine to bring hope and solutions that truly empower our patients. We aspire to be the destination where patients come to receive the knowledge, inspiration, and transformation that they want and deserve.

    Our patients rave about how different they feel at Aumakua than anywhere else. We receive praise for our authentic desire to be of service and for effectively guiding our patients to tangible results that cascade throughout all areas of their lives. Our drive comes from overcoming our own health challenges and a deep desire to prevent or alleviate unnecessary suffering. Health truly is our greatest wealth yet too often people wait until they experience a health crisis to make a change for the better. Our team honours our patients by understanding who they are and where they are at this time and we implement effective strategies at a pace that is sustainable.

    We do things differently…

    We do things a little bit differently at Aumakua and we are not your average Naturopathic clinic. We take charge of our patients health, and we lovingly hold them accountable for showing up and putting in the work. Although we are are serious about what we do, every single stranger that walks through our doors becomes a part of our Ohana.

    We found inspiration in the Hawaiian tradition of the ‘Aumakua’, who are ancestral spirit guides that are known to be advisors and healers that protect the ‘ohana’ (family). It is our greatest honour to carry that philosophy in all that we do.

    Our focus is to discover and treat the root cause of disease. We don’t try to complicate or confuse our approach, we only treat with the tools that we trust and know have the most leverage. We believe in foundational health and that living in your best physical state starts with empowering your digestive health. Your digestive tract impacts and influences everything from your skin to your mood, hormones, and energy levels. Inflammation, skin disorders, and even your ability to handle physical or emotional stress have roots that lead to your digestion.

    We help to heal the root cause…

    After seeing hundreds of patients go through treatment and still not reach optimal health, we worked to develop an approach that would not only alleviate surface symptoms but also heal the root cause. The path we chose invites the type of person who is committed to making a lasting change and is ready to let go of what ails them. We get excited for our new patients because although some days can be challenging, as the days turn into weeks and months that deliver palpable results, it becomes a rewarding new way of life. Our patients can expect a warm and welcoming environment that feels like home and we have an attentive team that has our patients best interest at heart. All new patients are welcomed with our in-house 4-Point Assessment that provides a comprehensive snapshot of what is going on behind the scenes.

    As part of treatment, our patients can expect us to use professional laboratory tests, professional grade supplements, and specialized nutritional support. We also offer carefully selected complementary therapies such as IV’s and Ozone to enhance patients results.

    We have absolute commitment and enthusiasm for our mission and welcome patients who are ready to take a walk with us. We aspire to develop genuine relationships that are built on complete trust. Our patients trust that we can take care of them and get them to a higher level of physical health, and we trust that our patients will partner with us and give their best effort.

    Why choose a Naturopath?

    Like all things in life, improvement takes time, focus, and commitment. As a top rated Naturopathic clinic, we have had patients from all walks of life turn to us and some of them as a last resort. Our difference is that we take the time to consider everything about the person in front of us and commit to being there for them every step of the way.

    What does a Naturopath do?

    We are educated with Holistic principles which means that we take a much closer looker at the bigger picture. We consider workload, medical history, future goals, condition of all organs, and even emotional state. Our treatment plans include non-invasive procedures, naturally sourced professional grade supplements that do not cause damaging side effects, and lifestyle recommendations.

    At Aumakua, we have created our own lane and are loving it. We believe that healing is possible and that we can all live a life that isn’t bombarded with physical symptoms. We believe in taking control and that good things come to those who are committed to take action towards a brighter future.

    If you feel that you’ve tried everything and talked to every professional out there but still feel overwhelmed with pain of any degree, we are here for you. It our greatest honour to do what we love and use our Naturopathic gifts to give your body what it needs so that you can live a more fulfilling day to day life.

    Contact Us

    Aumakua Integrated Wellness Clinic
    Vancouver, BC
    (Electra Building)
    #209 970 Burrard St.
    Send us a message here


    “…treatments provide me with immediate and lasting relief.”

    “…you leave feeling nourished and rejuvenated…”

    “…I always feel like I am being provided the best possible care…”

    “…results when my other doctors were not able to help me.”

    “…always empathetic, professional and conscious of realistic recommendations…”

    “…listen to me supportively and be so invested in my health.”

    “…within three weeks, all my symptoms disappeared.”

    “…increased level of energy…”

    “…extremely knowledgable…”

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