Starling, CNP

Brittany’s philosophy is simple; eat your greens, be kind to yourself and laugh as much as possible. She believes that the path to vibrant health, like laughter, starts in our bellies, and supports clients to take control of their wellness by exploring integrative methods to do so.

After experiencing first-hand, the profound effects of a conscious diet and therapeutic supplementation, Brittany decided to pursue her passion in Holistic Health in the field of nutrition, graduating with honors from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver, BC

She works with people to restore equilibrium through diet and lifestyle modifications – identifying the areas that need support, providing thorough and approachable education, and creating a Personalized Holistic Wellness Plan.


Advanced Herbal Medicine
Therapeutic Supplementation
Lab Diagnostics
Nutrition for Docs I & II

Vancouver Holistic Nutritionist