Aumakua Integrated Wellness Clinic houses a group of like minded practitioners that are of the same belief system that the body can be relieved of any health concern or condition when provided the right environment. Our focus is on the core foundations: re-establishing optimal organ function, creating the correct structural alignment, nourishing the body with micronutrient dense foods, and creating a healthy mind, perception and thought process. Our integrated team of practitioners will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to start your journey to optimal health and wellness.


Dearest Patients,

Starting March 1st, I will be taking a maternity leave to welcome our second son into this world. I want to send a big thank you to all of you for trusting me with your health care needs. I will be leaving you in the hands of my amazing colleague Dr. Amber Sereda ND.

Dr. Amber has an equal passion in digestive and women’s health as myself and we treat in alignment of each other. She is looking forward to meeting with any of you needing continued care in my absence. A big hug to you all and I look forward to reconnecting with you once we have settled in with our newest addition.

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Dr. Natalie Groenewoud ND


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