We’ve got you.


We’ve got you.


After your video consultation with your doctor, you will receive an email from our clinic manager.  In that email you’ll find attached your treatment plan along with other information specific to your appointment such as:  when and where you can pick up your supplements or when you should expect them in your mailbox, prescription details if needed and/or future appointment reminders.

Your treatment plan depends on your assessment of your health history and test results.  Evaluating your diet is a part of all treatment plans and a pivotal part of health.  

If your test results are positive for a pathogen or overgrowth, antimicrobial agents are required to treat this and your diet and lifestyle will support your body to maintain this balance in the future

Our ND’s cannot guarantee availability between visits to address any questions or concerns. If you are experiencing an urgent need, please contact your medical provider or go to urgent care. You are welcome to ask clarifying questions to reception@aiwclinic.com to be forwarded to your ND regarding information provided at your consult, however any extensive or new questions will require you to schedule an additional consult. We suggest you schedule recurring consults in advance if you feel as though you may have additional questions, as our ND’s schedules can fill up quickly.


After you have decided with your doctor about which testing you need/want to do, we will arrange for you to receive/pick up a test kit that will have all instructions on how and where to do the blood draw.  If it is a test that you need to provide your specimen (such as: breath, urine, saliva, stool sample) then you can do this from home after you have received the test kit and all instructions on how to and when to collect the sample. 

We will email you a link/video that our clinic manager will walk you through this step by step.

It is referred to as the lactulose breath test.  It is a breath test that you do at home to measure for the gases (hydrogen and methane) produced by the microbes that can overgrow in the small intestine.

This will be determined by your ND using a detailed health history and getting details on your symptoms.

If a patient wants to test sensitivities for a specific food, they have to eat that food a few times within 3-4 weeks prior to the blood draw.

https://www.meridianvalleylab.com/services/e-95-basic-food-panel/ (E-95 Basic Food Panel)

https://www.meridianvalleylab.com/services/combo-e-95-a-95-panel/ (link to – Combo E-95 & A-95 Panel


If this is your first time you are scheduling with Aumakua, please schedule a 60 minute Initial consultation.  All follow up consultations will be discussed with your Naturopathic doctor. You can find more information on what to book and when to book it here.  

If you are scheduling your consultation through our website, upon creating your file you will be asked to provide a valid credit card which will be charged $60 deposit to save your slot and this $60 will be used towards the total on the day of your consultation. 

If you call to schedule an appointment, it will be the same process.  Our receptionist will create a patient’s file for you and ask you for a credit card.  This card will be charged $60 deposit to save your appointment and on the day of your appointment the $60 will be used towards the total.

When you schedule your initial consultation you will be asked to fill out our Intake form which also includes our cancelation policy that you will be asked to sign.  We require a 24 hours notice for any changes that need to be made on your appointment.  Such as: cancelling or changing your appointment.  Failing to do so will result in a $60 late cancelation/no show fee

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please contact us at reception@aiwclinic.com. Please note, we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. All distance consultations can be rescheduled or cancelled within 24 hours before your visit. A $60 fee will be retained if cancellations or rescheduling requests are requested within 24 hours of your appointment time. No refund will be offered to individuals who do not attend their scheduled appointment, or attempt to cancel beforehand. Please let us know if you have extenuating circumstances resulting in late cancellations or if you are not able to make your appointment – we are human too and understand that life happens.

You can find this information on our Consultations page.


During this consultation, one of our NDs can provide you with information about your work up, diagnosis and treatment to date, and education you regarding available research regarding treatment approaches. Our NDs cannot order labs or imaging, diagnose your conditions, prescribe particular treatments, or in other ways act as your physician via these consults. These consults should be considered educational in nature online, and do not substitute for proper medical care. Anything discussed during these consults should first be reviewed by your medical team and implemented only if deemed safe and appropriate.

Given the limitations of our Naturopathic Physician Licenses, they cannot be your physician if you live outside of BC. If you are scheduling online Educational Consultations with one of NDs, please keep in mind they are not your Doctor and therefore will not: write prescriptions, order labs, diagnose, write Doctor’s notes/letters to 3rd parties, etc. This service is not billable to your Health Insurance Provider. You should be informed that given that these consults are not considered medical care, this service is not covered by Medical Malpractice.

When scheduling a consult, you are reserving our Naturopaths’ time during that consult only. While they strive to be prepared for your consult, they cannot guarantee that they will be able to review extensive medical records prior to your scheduled time. You are responsible for sending any records that you would like to have reviewed during the consult to reception@aiwclinic.com.

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