Vancouver Naturopathic Doctor Heli McPhie


Dr. Heli McPhie
B.Sc., ND

Dr. McPhie’s passion for medicine and healing began at a very young age growing up in Africa.  Building upon her love of the natural world and science, she completed an undergraduate degree in biology at McGill University. She then went on to complete four years naturopathic medical school at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

After two years of clinical practice in Toronto, Dr. McPhie returned to the Westcoast to continue her career and passion in collaborative wellness. She has a successful family practice of over 20 years seeing patients of all ages from all over BC. She loves to focus on the care in healthcare.

Dr. Mcphie is very passionate about treating the whole family, from wee ones to wise ones, with naturopathic medicine. She is an avid supporter of children’s health and prevention. As a mother of three boys and having a long standing naturopathic pediatric practice she knows the value of naturopathic medicine in keeping our children healthy and happy. Over the last few years, she has started to focus on mental wellness and brain health as she notes an alarming increase in neurological and mental diseases in all ages.  Anxiety, depression, dementia, MS, ALS, concussion syndrome…so many areas of concern.  As a general ND though, she loves her days in practice because she sees such a variety of cases from allergies to urticaria and everything in between.

She has studied the effects of social connection in depth and believes that families, companies, schools and corporations all benefit from learning to communicate and connect in a healthy way. Dr. McPhie believes that healthy connection and communication with ourselves, others and nature is vital for optimal health and longevity. Dr McPhie lectures frequently in schools, colleges, to her peers and the public about the importance of connection in combating the profound effects of loneliness. We truly are better together.

On graduating, she was the recipient of the David Schleich President’s Award of Excellence and the Dr. Patricia Wales award for her significant contribution to the development of the naturopathic profession in Canada.  She was also recognised by UBC for her many years as a mentor in the nutritional sciences program. She gained her diploma in Naturopathic Education and is still a life long learner and educator.

Dr McPhie loves to adventure and explore our beautiful natural world whether hiking the West Coast Trail, kayaking the Broken Islands, sailing in Desolation Sound, skiing the local mountains, climbing Kilimanjaro, snorkeling in Maui or waking up in the Serengeti –  her happy place is connecting with the remarkable beauty of this planet and the amazing people on it.

Come see her.  Her patients often comment in the same way – she makes me feel heard, cared for and makes me believe I can get better.

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