The Meaning of Aumakua

The word Aumakua comes from Hawaiian mythology and means Ancestral Guardian Spirit. The Aumakuas are known to be advisors and healers that protect the ‘ohana’ (family). We named the clinic Aumakua Integrated Wellness Clinic out of respect for the elders of Naturopathic Medicine, as our medicine originates from a long line of ancestral traditional healers. They have passed down their knowledge and wisdom pertaining to healing, with the medicinal properties of nature and the restoration of an individual’s vitality. Today we can use the technological advances of the present in conjunction with the knowledge of the past to help you find your way in Complete Mind Body Health.


What are our goals for our Patients?

Our goals are to ensure our patients are provided with a setting in which they feel comfortable and confident to ask questions, and also have them answered in a way they understand. We want patients to leave our office feeling motivated and supported to make the necessary changes to re-claiming their health.

Our Commitment

To bring the highest level of care to our patients, staying current with new medical information as well as respecting the wisdom of our past medical practitioners.

Our Values

We value our commitment to being your health care professional. It is a true honor that our patients have trusted in us to be an advocate for their healing journey. We also value building a sense of community within our office so that there is a sense of connection and growth.