TP, North Vancouver, BC

Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Natalie Groenewoud I first visited Dr. Groenewoud in January 2012. I have been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and I wanted to try some forms of treatment to improve my digestive health, my immunological response, and other aspects of my health that are not usually attended to by mainstream medical doctors.

I have found Dr. Groenewoud to be a very open and caring person. She told me from the outset that though she had not had many RA patients she was willing to both help me improve aspects of my diet that might contribute to my health, as well as to read more about RA—including alternative approaches to it—and to learn with me as I try to deal with my evolving condition. Her openness and willingness to listen and learn has been very refreshing and has been as important to me as her expertise on aspects of diet and naturopathic treatment. I have learned a lot from Dr. Groenewoud about how I can eat better, deal with underlying issues such as buildup of toxins in my system, and generally try to achieve better immunological and digestive health. At the same time, she has been willing to help me start on alternative forms of treatment for my RA, helping me to avoid some of the more immunologically damaging treatments that are typically prescribed by rheumatologists.

Dr. Groenewoud’s openness and willingness to try to help her patients with what they would like to achieve is one of her most endearing attributes, and she shows it not only in how she listens to my ideas about my condition and possible treatment protocols but in how she consistently evaluates and re-evaluates the evidence regarding the treatments and tests I have tried with her. Dr. Groenewoud never remains fixated on a simple formula for what to do next but talks through with me the different aspects of my treatment, suggests new tests and avenues to explore in trying to improve my health. As but one example, after I had already begun working on diet issues, she decided it might be worth having tests for levels of heavy metals in my system. We found that I indeed had some abnormally high levels and could benefit from treatments to reduce these.

Recently, I found that RA may be caused by mycloplasma and that certain kinds of antibiotics may be the best treatment for this illness. I brought up this issue with Dr. Groenewoud and provided her with information about an organization that supports this treatment, along with name of patients who have been treated successfully with the antibiotic protocol. Dr. Groenewoud was not only interested in the information but contacted a recovered patient and asked her about her experiences and outcomes from the treatment. After I later found a rheumatologist in the US who uses the antibiotic protocol to treat RA patients, Dr. Groenewoud helped me coordinate the testing that needed to be done prior to an appointment with this rheumatologist. She has helped me beyond her duties and I am very thankful for this.

My condition is a complicated one that is difficult to treat. I expect no miracles and Dr. Groenewoud does not try to supply them—she simply listens and helps. In spite of the certainty the rheumatology profession sometimes exudes, no one really knows what causes RA, and there are about as many different kinds of stories about treatment successes and failures as there are people telling the stories. For a condition like this, having an intelligent, knowledgeable, caring, and open-minded professional like Dr. Groenewoud is one of the greatest assets a patient can have. I am so grateful every day to have Dr. Groenewoud as my doctor.

TP, North Vancouver, BC