Rainbow W.

Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Alea Bell Every issue or challenge I have brought to Dr. Bell has been handled with compassion, understanding, expertise and experience. I especially like that we talk about my concern thoroughly and find an approach that I am comfortable with. It’s great to be prescribed treatments that work at fixing the problem, without giving you a list of side effects to worry about.

Specifically I enjoy how easy it is to talk to Dr. Bell about anything, she is genuinely interested, her readiness to help, the effectiveness of the treatments, and her dedication to finding a solution to my issues have all been a wonderful aspect of visiting her.

My experiences with Dr. Bell have always been really positive, she’s got a great attitude and her care has improved my health in many ways physically and emotionally. Dr. Bell has always brought great ideas and an excellent level care to my appointments, she has carefully addressed all of my issues and together we have improved my health to reduce or eliminate a variety of symptoms.

I had been to two other Naturopaths before visiting Dr. Bell and I feel that I have found a good fit with her; there isn’t anything that I wouldn’t feel comfortable talking to Dr. Bell about, and I like that even if there is something that requires traditional medicine treatment, such as surgery, etc., there are complementing natural treatments one can do.

Also, I remember feeling helpless when telling my G.P. about an ongoing symptom and being told that was normal and basically there was nothing to do about it, but Dr. Bell’s approach is that there is always something we can try, and it’s worked!

I have and will recommend Dr. Bell to any friends and family seeking a natural and non-invasive treatment method, and to anyone seeking an alternative to traditional medicine and it’s side effects.

Rainbow W.