Acupuncture Review -Dominique Vallée

As an active 73 years young, I tore my rotator cuff 7 months ago. I had physiotherapy which helped but did not give me the comfort I needed. As I have been treated by Dominique for 2 years now I decided to go see her for this issue.

She was patient, listened and we started moving cupping and scraping, it hurt but I did feel much better after. What I found was her approach is soft but firm and she also helped with my other ailments. She also treated digestive problems, neck problems, chronic cough and a other small issues I had. Acupuncture does it all and Dominique's experience as a high level athlete makes her aware of injuries like the one I have. I also had herbal treatments that did a world of good.

Combined with physiotherapy, acupuncture is a perfect way for my age group to feel better, yet we must not forget that we are in our 70’s.



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