MG, Williams Lake, BC

Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Natalie Groenewoud
Dr. G was the perfect Coach for me as she was female and younger than me. (I could only assume I would feel Menopausal effects sooner or later…)

Physically, emotionally and psychologically not feeling all that well, I was prepared to dedicate myself to making lifestyle changes to improve my health. I had been injecting methotrexate for a number of years for my Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis in order to prevent inflammation, pain and deformity. I quit taking this strong drug in February 2013 and over a year later, have found no need to start again. The side effect of the drugs and not nurturing my body properly took its toll on my weak link, my digestive tract. By “Eating to Thrive” I noticed the positive effects quickly but it took a full 5-6 months to achieve feeling healthful and to get a continuous flow of compliments on how well and young I look.

Recently I had a major digestive tract revolt. Dr G. helped me heal/repair the new damage/symptoms and I changed my field of work to reduce my stress loads. Working as a team with this dedicated Naturopathic Dr. has been life changing!

MG, Williams Lake, BC


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