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Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Grace Francescato
There are so many things I can say about the amazing experience, treatment and guidance I have received from Dr. Grace. To be most helpful to you, I will specifically address something that seems to be affecting a large majority of people out there and affected me as well: Thyroid imbalances. I work in health care and I am aware of how many people are under one form of thyroid treatment or another. Many of you may have had a similar experience to mine. I had been on medication for years, but still found that I had many of the symptoms of an imbalanced thyroid – even though my lab work would come back within range. When I finally reached Dr. Grace, I was “ burnt to a crisp” exhausted – dividing my days into 2 ‘shifts’; and incapable living a whole day without breaking it up with a 2 hour nap – every day. I had many symptoms of thyroid imbalance, but none of my meds could be adjusted, as my labs were ‘normal’. I was operating on 3 out of 10 on the best days. It had been like that for so long, I really didn’t imagine anything better. Imagining anything took too much energy, to be honest.

When I met with Grace, she took full stock of everything I take in terms of vitamins and medications; took a look at my habits, my daily living, and an overall assessment of ‘who I am’. That was the first and only time any medical professional took a look at me and my health like that… and from there we built a recovery. Dr. Grace ordered labs that are typically overlooked due to one protocol or another, armed me with information about what my diet was doing for me and how it was working against me in terms of my thyroid. Her treatment and health “care” extended to how the thyroid works symbiotically with other systems of my body, what external sources needed to be amended for optimal recovery – from sleeping, drinking water, what to eat and when, right down to establishing boundaries and removing toxic relationships and placing healing self-care and meditational techniques squarely in the forefront of my life. I am now so different. The way I feel is off the charts; and I have the tools, the means and the understanding to continue on this path.

I work with Dr. Grace on many different things that have led me to experience a ‘whole life’. The definition of the term ‘Doctor’ includes ‘teacher’, and I can say that Dr. Grace is exactly that. She teaches you with an all-encompassing view as to how your body and self work… with the utmost respect and lack of any judgment. I can’t say enough about Dr. Grace… I am an empowered patient and individual thanks to the how seriously Dr. Grace takes the responsibility of being a healer and educator.

LA, Vancouver


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