Dave G.

Acupuncture Review -Dominique Vallée

Dom is a one stop shop for me, I'm so grateful to her and I always leave our sessions feeling lifted physically, mentally and spiritually.  Dr. Dom is very skilled in Traditional Chinese Medicine and provides real honest and helpful feedback with no judgement. What I love most about her is that she truly cares for her patients and just loves life.

As a very active person who travels a lot for work and likes to get things done, be very social and sometimes not sleep enough……… I seem to always be recovering from an injury or trying to get my life back on a healthy path.  Dom has been so helpful in helping me recover from a variety of past and present injuries. She was very helpful in helping me recover from hip surgery, cracked ribs and a concussion.  Dom has also been able to help my digestion, increase my energy levels while slowing my busy mind and increasing mental clarity. She always treats me holistically, factoring in all the things happening in my life and every time I leave a session I feel incredible and have a renewed sense of hope and optimism for how good I can feel.

Dave G.


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