Acupuncture Review -Dominique Vallée Over the past 13 years I have searched exhaustively for natural solutions to my menopausal symptoms. Every new fad or suggestion from others was tried and proven ineffective.  My sleep was severely disrupted and I was chronically exhausted and low on energy. Being a very busy and high energy person normally, this was a real problem.

Having my daughter who is a doctor always on the lookout for any new non hormonal medications gave me the chance to explore those options as well. However, they all gave me side effects that were totally unacceptable and I gave up on that option.

In searching for alternatives, I met Dominique and she immediately made it a mission to help.  Even though hot flashes and lack of sleep are not seemingly big concerns, she immediately grasped what a huge effect it was having on my life.  With some trial and error using acupuncture and Chinese herbs things have improved greatly.  I still have symptoms but they are at a manageable level and my quality of life has shot up 100%.  Apart from her success she has proven to be a kind, caring and very empathetic Chinese Doctor.  She is a credit to her profession and has made believers of us all!



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