Thrive Program

First Visit: 2.5-3 hours

(can be separated into 2-3 appointments or booked all at once)

In- House Testing:

  • Blood Picture to assess systemic toxicity
  • Max Pulse Test to assess stress load and cardiovascular function
  • Blood Pressure
  • Random Blood Glucose

1.5 Hour Assessment with Naturopathic Physician

  • Comprehensive history taking
  • TBM organ assessment of the “usual suspects”
  • Discussion of doctor’s assessment
  • Treatment plan discussion
  • Future plan to discuss what the upcoming months will look like for you

1 Hour with Nutritional Practitioner to go over Thrive Program Nutritional Plan

  • Review the principles of The Thrive Program
  • Individualize the program for you by discussing the food choices that are supportive for your specific needs and organ system weaknesses
  • Go over 2-week Nutrition Guide with recipes
  • Grocery Lists
  • Discuss seasonal eating for optimal health
  • Answer questions and discuss concerns

30 minute Complimentary Introductory Session with Clinical Counsellor

  • Use this complimentary session to explore the facets of your mind.  Our clinical counsellor will give you tools to aid in moving towards or continuing to have a healthy perspective and/or release any mental/emotional roadblocks that are interfering with your ability to thrive in life.


Second Visit: 1-2 weeks later

  • Head-to-toe TBM: organ system assessment with corrections
  • Checking in and starting yeast killing protocol (if necessary)


Third Visit: 1 month later

Follow-up assessment and check-up to ensure all organ systems have remained strong


Fourth Visit: 3-6 months later

Assess maintenance and consider removing supplementation to allow corrected body to work with lifestyle and nutritional alterations.


Every 6 months:

It is highly recommended that you check in with your Naturopathic Doctor at the first onset of any unfavorable sign or symptom that you may be experiencing. The sooner it is addressed, the quicker we can assess and re-balance your system.



“In the beginning, disease is difficult to recognize but easy to cure. In the end, disease is easy to recognize but difficult to cure.”

 –Mesmer 1777



The Thrive Program is comprised of these four foundations:
Nutrition | Organ Health | Structure | Mind



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