Thrive Program

About our Thrive Program

All new patients to the clinic will be guided through our Thrive Program. This is the foundation of all health that focuses on complete organ health, nutritious whole foods, and professionally formulated supplement support.

First Visit: Initial Naturopathic Visit 

This includes the 4-Point Assessment and a 1 hour visit with a Naturopathic Doctor. Here is an idea of what you can expect at your first Naturopathic Visit.

1 Hour Assessment

  • Comprehensive history review
  • Discussion of doctor’s assessment
  • Treatment plan discussion
  • Future plan to discuss what the upcoming months will look like for you

Second Naturopathic Visit: 1-2 weeks later

Follow up with your Naturopathic Doctor to assess progress and make adjustments as needed.


Third Naturopathic Visit: 4-6 weeks later

Follow-up assessment and check-up to ensure all organ systems have remained strong. You may also re-do your 4-point assessment.


Fourth Naturopathic Visit: 3-6 months later

Assess maintenance and consider removing supplementation to allow corrected body to work with lifestyle and nutritional alterations.


6 Month Check-in:

It is highly recommended that you check in with your Naturopathic Doctor at the first onset of any unfavorable sign or symptom that you may be experiencing. The sooner it is addressed, the quicker we can assess and re-balance your system.



“In the beginning, disease is difficult to recognize but easy to cure. In the end, disease is easy to recognize but difficult to cure.”

 –Mesmer 1777