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Ozone:  The Next Big Thing?

What’s all the hype about?

Have we really discovered the newest wonder-drug to hit the market?  Or has it been sitting right under our noses all along?

It has, and it’s called Ozone.

ball_stars_smWhat is Ozone?

Quiz:  What is Ozone?

a) cleanser for water (pools, etc.) and air
b) regional layers in the stratosphere and troposphere
c) medical application to support immune system (IV)
d) medical application to support joint health
e) all of the above

Correct Answer = e

Ozone is an intensely oxygenated molecule.  A normal oxygen molecule is (O2). Ozone (O3) has an extra atom of oxygen as part of this very special molecule.

We all know that oxygen is a powerful force for good in humans.

When we are feeling energetic and at our best, chances are we are breathing right and taking in oxygen the way the body is designed to do.  When it is lacking, our bodies start aging at an accelerated rate.  We feel old and tired.

Simply put, oxygen makes our bodies run at their best.

Ozone in the Body: What’s the Big Deal?

Ozone is merely super-rich oxygen.  Ozone in the body works differently than in the water or air.  In the body, ozone increases energy production and stimulates the immune system.


  • Reboots and charges up the immune system to fight those nasty viruses, bacterial and fungal infections that drain our energy
  • Delivers supercharged oxygen to the blood stream
  • Addresses inflammation in joints (including arthritis) and activates cartilage cells to heal
  • Relieves inflammation due to digestive issues

This is a Big Deal!

People with cardiovascular issues sure think so.  Supercharged oxygen also helps break down fat, relieving stress on the heart and circulation system.

Since it breaks down fat, Ozone is frequently used in aesthetics to reduce cellulite.  It even helps our skin, attacking acne.

Not So New

Ozone has been used in Europe for over 70 years and in Canada and the USA for about 20 years.  It is not patentable because it is a naturally occurring molecule.   And let’s face it.  We have been using oxygen naturally in the body ever since humans have been around.

Medical Ozone is used in many applications.  However, Ozone doesn’t fit into a ‘diagnosis’ paradigm.  It is incredibly powerful, yet too often it is overlooked.  After all, who thinks of more oxygen as the next Big Thing?

For those of us in the know, we realize that Ozone, like many other natural therapies, works by using this extra oxygen atom, and the additional electrons that come with it (highly charged energy), to correct imbalances in the body.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone is made using medical grade oxygen – passing it through an ozone generator, where energy is directed at the oxygen, causing the reassembly of oxygen molecules from O2 to O3.

In the O3 form, Ozone collects electrons.  It is this collection of additional electrons with all their energy that is key.  With more electrons, (energy) the body can work more efficiently. The reassembly of electrons is quick and eventually returns to oxygen to increase oxygen utilization.

While in the 03 form – we are able to harness its new ‘power’ to address a host of issues associated suboptimal oxygen utilization usually associated with disease and aging.  That’s right, if we are not getting enough oxygen to the right parts of our bodies as we age, we feel any number of signs and symptoms:

  • ozone1decreased fat metabolism = increase in body fat
  • inflammation
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • hormonal deficiencies
  • autoimmune issues
  • hypoglycemia – blood sugar issues
  • diabetes
  • sleep apnea
  • poor detox capability
  • stress

Feeling Old?  Try Ozone!

Decreased oxygen utilization causes degenerative diseases and the very process of aging itself.  This occurs through the combined action of increased free radical production and decreased anti-oxidant buffering capacity.   

The key to wellbeing and feeling younger is to maximize oxygen utilization!

Is it Safe?

Ozone therapy is entirely safe and completely non-toxic if delivered appropriately.  Ozone should not be inhaled. Our lungs are designed to process (O2), not (O3).

Ozone is delivered via injection (as in an IV or topically) though that’s not the only method of delivery into the body.

We have one Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Jordan Atkinson, who is certified in Ozone Therapy.

We are passionate about Ozone and look forward to supporting you in health and wellbeing.

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Aumakua Integrated Wellness Clinic
Downtown Vancouver Ozone Therapy
Day & Evening Appointments Available
#209 – 970 Burrard Street (Electra Building)


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