If we want to ask our body to heal or maintain health we must do our part by providing it with the building blocks it needs to do so. It is essential that what we put into our mouths consist of diverse, quality, micronutrient dense foods. Let us help you get on track and ensure your nutrition is optimized for your needs.

We have a Nutritional Practitioner on staff that will sit down and discuss in great detail with you how to incorporate a healthy, manageable, whole food regime into your life.


“The Thrive Nutritional Program” (1.5 hours with Naturopathic Visit and 1 hour with Nutritional Practitioner — $290)

This program provides you with a healthy eating plan that allows you to optimize your nutritional needs while maintaining ease integrating it into your busy schedule. You can expect to start feeling great, unleash newfound energy, clear digestive disturbances, ensure a healthy weight, and grasp a better understanding of the profound effects proper nutrition has on an individual’s constitution. Along with this hour appointment you will receive a program booklet for your reference which includes: all the diet and nutrition secretes of The Thrive Program with two weeks of seasonal recipes, a list of quality grocery stores, fish shops, butchers and restaurants where you can find affordable organic, ocean wise, free range, grass fed, and anti-biotic free foods. This consult is only offered in conjunction with an initial visit with one of our Naturopathic Physicians, this is essential so that you can understand the Thrive Program to its fullest and have it individualized for your specific needs.


Food Sensitivity and/or Food Allergy Testing

This test uncovers the mystery of what foods are offending to your digestion and immune system. Take away the guesswork and uncover what foods are creating a stress response in your body. Click here to see examples and greater explanations. This test is offered by all Naturopathic physicians at Aumakua.


Individualized Nutritional Plans

We have various nutritional plans to meet your exact needs.

Meet and Greet! (15 mins – Free)

This 15 minute consultation will give you the opportunity to sit down & meet Haley-Jade, the Registered Holistic nutritionist to learn about your options!

Fresh Start! – 60 Minute Initial Consultation – $120

This is a 1-hour, one-on-one appointment. During this time, Haley-Jade will review your intake form (to be filled out prior to appointment), discuss your current diet and lifestyles habits as well as your health goals and concerns. You will receive a short review of your session accompanied by some recommendations to get you started the same day as your appointment. Within 2-3 days you will then receive an in-depth review of the discussion as well a 5 day meal plan, lifestyle adjustments and tips to help you on your health journey. Haley-Jade is here for your support and is available through e-mail for support.

Staying Focused! – 60 Minute Follow Up Appointment – $100

This is a 1-hour follow up appointment, recommended 4-6 weeks after initial consultation to go over your progress, any roadblocks that may have arisen and to tweak your program. 60 minutes is recommended for those who have more questions, want to go over their experience in details and who would like a more indepth upgrade to their original plan. (Please Note: This service cannot be offered without the “Fresh Start – Initial Consultation)

Check In & Refuel! – 30 Minute Follow Up Appointment – $65

This is a 30 minute follow up appointment. This is recommended for clients who found the minor adjustments to their current plan and are looking for a quick check in. During this session you will address what went well and what still needs work from the initial visit. From there additional recommendations and support will be provided to fine tune your new tools while you’re on your health journey! (Please Note: This service cannot be offered without the “Fresh Start – Initial Consultation)


Interest in weight loss? Click here to read out Dr. Jordan’s 6 Week Weight Loss Program



Optimal Practitioner: for Individual Nutrition Plans

Seron MackaySeron Mackay, Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP)

For Food Sensitivity and/or Food Allergy Testing
Any Naturopathic Doctor


Naturopathic Physicians

placeholder_imageDr. Jordan Atkinson ND (Naturopathic Doctor)
Dr. Alea BellDr. Alea Bell ND (Naturopathic Doctor) (On Maternity Leave)
placeholder_imageDr. Natalie Groenewoud ND (Naturopathic Doctor)
Dr. Amber SeredaDr. Amber Sereda ND (Naturopathic Doctor)


The Thrive Program is comprised of these four foundations:
Nutrition | Organ Health | Structure | Mind


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