MindThe power of our mind is paramount and often times overlooked. It is the most important foundation with respect to health and happiness that a person can fine-tune. Emotions, just like physical symptoms, are an important communication tool that tells you about the state of your body. A normal experience of life has in it a cocktail of emotions.  It is when these emotions are judged, repressed or ignored altogether that they can cause threat to a person’s health.

Learning or re-learning how to listen to and manage your bodies’ emotions and what they are telling you is important in maintaining mind body health.

Further more, in understanding mental emotional health it is essential to consider an individual’s perception. The lens we view life with creates an interactive play between our body’s physiology and the outside world. If an individual is always in a state of fear or anxiousness, this can have a significant impact on their physical health. Being suspended in a state of “fight or flight” causes your body to remain on guard and in a state of preparedness. This decreases your body’s ability to heal, repair and rest. If an individual can learn to take on life’s challenges with a healthier mindset, their body is more able to respond favorably.

If you are feeling out of balance and overwhelmed, you have three options: change your perception, change your environment, or a combination of both. Aumakua Integrated Wellness Clinic has a clinical counsellor on its medical team to aid in the necessary change of perception; to offer strength and clarity; and to support you in fully improving the quality of your life.


Throughout day-to-day life we face many challenges that have a profound impact on our personal well-being and on our relationships. Within all of us lies an abundance of wisdom, skills and abilities that allow us to overcome the struggles we face – sometimes we just need a little help uncovering our own competency.

As we move through life, most of us develop an internalized “critic” and this critic can easily help us forget our capacity and our self-worth. Living in a society where we are constantly reminded of all the ways we don’t measure up to ideal standards, forgetting our strengths and adopting a negative self-perception happens easily:


“I’m not successful enough.”

“I should work harder, be smarter, taller, thinner.”

“I should be a better partner, parent, friend, child.”

“I should be happier and managing better.”


If we are not provided with the opportunity to heal and work through painful life experiences and unhealthy relationships, this can have a negative impact on how we perceive our lives and ourselves.

Counselling aims to provide people with the insight and tools needed to overcome challenges. In therapy, the counsellor works to create a safe and supportive space for people to remember and nurture their strengths and resiliency. People have the opportunity to acknowledge where patterns of thinking and behaving are leaving them stuck. Counselling is a way for people to develop a healthy perception of themselves and a healthy means of coping with stressors and challenges. The goal is for client’s to honor their abilities and potential to heal, making positive, lasting change.



Optimal Practitioners

Registered Clinical Counsellor:

placeholder_imageHilary Murfitt MA RCC Registered Clinical Counsellor

The Thrive Program is comprised of these four foundations:
Nutrition | Organ Health | Structure | Mind


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