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Aumakua Review by Janea G.

"...very welcoming and she really cares for her patients."

Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Amber Sereda I first started seeing Dr. Sereda when I was having digestive issues and low energy. She helped me overcome my digestive issues and get back the energy I was lacking. She is very compassionate and welcoming she really cares for her patients. I always loved going to see her because I felt like she really included me by teaching me about my body and teaching me about different treatment options. I also saw her for pre and perinatal care and she helped me overcome many of the common pregnancy symptoms including low energy and nausea. Dr. Sereda also guided me towards the proper nutritional supplementation to make sure my baby and I were getting the right nutrients throughout the pregnancy. I continue to see Dr. Sereda as a primary care physician and I am very happy with how I am feeling under her care.

Aumakua Review by Alison D.

"...I always feel like I am being provided the best possible care..."

Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Amber Sereda Dr. Sereda is my absolute favourite doctor. Every time I visit, I leave her office feeling like my cup is filled to the brim. She has helped me tackle endocrine issues, low energy, skin issues, as well as guided me through a very thorough liver cleanse. Dr. Sereda takes the time in every appointment to check in with me. She asks me not only about how I feel physically but also emotionally and mentally.  Whenever there is a new protocol or a new prescription given she always takes the time to carefully educate me about every last necessary detail.  In Dr. Sereda’s practice I always feel like I am being provided the best possible care and I trust her with my life.  I could not ask for a better Naturopathic Physician and I would highly recommend Dr. Sereda to all of my family and friends.

Aumakua Review by MG, Williams Lake, BC

"Working as a team with this dedicated Naturopathic Dr. has been life changing!"

Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Natalie Groenewoud
Dr. G was the perfect Coach for me as she was female and younger than me. (I could only assume I would feel Menopausal effects sooner or later…)

Physically, emotionally and psychologically not feeling all that well, I was prepared to dedicate myself to making lifestyle changes to improve my health. I had been injecting methotrexate for a number of years for my Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis in order to prevent inflammation, pain and deformity. I quit taking this strong drug in February 2013 and over a year later, have found no need to start again. The side effect of the drugs and not nurturing my body properly took its toll on my weak link, my digestive tract. By “Eating to Thrive” I noticed the positive effects quickly but it took a full 5-6 months to achieve feeling healthful and to get a continuous flow of compliments on how well and young I look.

Recently I had a major digestive tract revolt. Dr G. helped me heal/repair the new damage/symptoms and I changed my field of work to reduce my stress loads. Working as a team with this dedicated Naturopathic Dr. has been life changing!

Aumakua Review by TP, North Vancouver, BC

"…helped me beyond her duties and I am very thankful..."

Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Natalie Groenewoud I first visited Dr. Groenewoud in January 2012. I have been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and I wanted to try some forms of treatment to improve my digestive health, my immunological response, and other aspects of my health that are not usually attended to by mainstream medical doctors.

I have found Dr. Groenewoud to be a very open and caring person. She told me from the outset that though she had not had many RA patients she was willing to both help me improve aspects of my diet that might contribute to my health, as well as to read more about RA—including alternative approaches to it—and to learn with me as I try to deal with my evolving condition. Her openness and willingness to listen and learn has been very refreshing and has been as important to me as her expertise on aspects of diet and naturopathic treatment. I have learned a lot from Dr. Groenewoud about how I can eat better, deal with underlying issues such as buildup of toxins in my system, and generally try to achieve better immunological and digestive health. At the same time, she has been willing to help me start on alternative forms of treatment for my RA, helping me to avoid some of the more immunologically damaging treatments that are typically prescribed by rheumatologists.

Dr. Groenewoud’s openness and willingness to try to help her patients with what they would like to achieve is one of her most endearing attributes, and she shows it not only in how she listens to my ideas about my condition and possible treatment protocols but in how she consistently evaluates and re-evaluates the evidence regarding the treatments and tests I have tried with her. Dr. Groenewoud never remains fixated on a simple formula for what to do next but talks through with me the different aspects of my treatment, suggests new tests and avenues to explore in trying to improve my health. As but one example, after I had already begun working on diet issues, she decided it might be worth having tests for levels of heavy metals in my system. We found that I indeed had some abnormally high levels and could benefit from treatments to reduce these.

Recently, I found that RA may be caused by mycloplasma and that certain kinds of antibiotics may be the best treatment for this illness. I brought up this issue with Dr. Groenewoud and provided her with information about an organization that supports this treatment, along with name of patients who have been treated successfully with the antibiotic protocol. Dr. Groenewoud was not only interested in the information but contacted a recovered patient and asked her about her experiences and outcomes from the treatment. After I later found a rheumatologist in the US who uses the antibiotic protocol to treat RA patients, Dr. Groenewoud helped me coordinate the testing that needed to be done prior to an appointment with this rheumatologist. She has helped me beyond her duties and I am very thankful for this.

My condition is a complicated one that is difficult to treat. I expect no miracles and Dr. Groenewoud does not try to supply them—she simply listens and helps. In spite of the certainty the rheumatology profession sometimes exudes, no one really knows what causes RA, and there are about as many different kinds of stories about treatment successes and failures as there are people telling the stories. For a condition like this, having an intelligent, knowledgeable, caring, and open-minded professional like Dr. Groenewoud is one of the greatest assets a patient can have. I am so grateful every day to have Dr. Groenewoud as my doctor.

Aumakua Review by Gary Charbonneau, North Vancouver, BC

"…impressed with her inquisitiveness in understanding my lifestyle..."

Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Natalie Groenewoud Being energetic and active, it came as a surprise when I found myself battling daily bouts of fatigue. A visit to my GP provided no answers and left me with a pharmaceutical prescription. Uncomfortable with this, I sought the advice of Dr. Groenewoud. I was immediately impressed with her inquisitiveness in understanding my lifestyle, work, stress, diet and past complications. Her thorough review pointed to possible causes while eliminating questionable suspects. With her diagnosis, Dr. Groenewoud  prescribed natural remedies which reduced my symptoms in seven days and full recovery within the month. Since that time, she has successfully treated me with other ailments and I feel quite confident in recommending Dr. Groenewoud.

Aumakua Review by Danica Burpee, 33 year old, mother and teacher

"…always empathetic, professional and conscious of realistic recommendations..."

Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Natalie Groenewoud I first met Natalie (Dr. Groenewoud) through a friend and was drawn to her warmth and cheerful outlook. Under her care I was treated for adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalance. Dr. Groenewoud was always empathetic, professional and conscious of realistic recommendations for lifestyle and budget. She is very knowledgeable, especially in women’s health issues, and she works hard to find a treatment to suit your individual needs. Under the guidance and care of Dr. Groenewoud I recovered from adrenal fatigue and supported my hormones to successfully conceive a child. She recently met her new, youngest patient– my baby girl!

Aumakua Review by Nikki, Squamish, BC

"…listen to me supportively and be so invested in my health."

Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Natalie Groenewoud After years of GP’s treating me with antibiotics to treat my chronic yeast overgrowth, and all the symptoms that come along with it, seeing Dr. Groenewoud was so refreshing. She helped me get to the root of the problem, which she suggested was my diet. It was nice to finally have a Dr. listen to me supportively and be so invested in my health. Her personality is warm, bright and her optimism is uplifting. I followed her advice on diet in addition to taking the supplements she prescribed me and all my symptoms disappeared. It is nice to have faith in the (natural) medical system again.

Aumakua Review by Katherine, North Vancouver, BC

"…will go out of my way to recommend her to anyone I meet."

Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Natalie Groenewoud I was referred to Dr Groenewoud by a close friend of mine. At the time, I had a very sick little 3 year old boy who had been on a series of antibiotics over the course of 2 months with no resolve. I at the time had also fallen ill with what seem to be a never ending series of chest, ear and sinus infections which wouldn’t go away despite a series of medications given to me by my GP. I finally went to Dr Groenewoud in a desperate attempt to try the alternative in the hope that she could help me get better and give me information to try get my little boy back on the track to health.

When I visited Dr Groenewoud, I was immediately put at ease by her compassion and willingness to offer me all the information I needed to make the right decisions for my health. She took the time to explain every aspect of what was happening with my health and my well being without overwhelming me. To my surprise and after the initial discussion in our session, we discussed a number of other health issues I had been experiencing for most of my adult life that I had just learned to live with.

By the end of the session I had a clear 2 week plan of what I needed to do to get back on track, what a longer term objective was for overall balance and well being as well as information, direction and advice to provide my son with what he needed to get better.

I was sceptical when I started taking some of the supplements, but was completed won over when results started surfacing after only a couple days. I can’t explain how relieved and grateful I am to Dr Groenewoud for not only helping me with an immediate need but for also outlining a plan for the future of my health and arming me with the tools to get my son’s health back on track.

I look forward to a long relationship with Dr Groenewoud and will go out of my way to recommend her to anyone I meet.

Aumakua Review by Jason Smith, Seattle, WA.

"... made me feel like there was hope..."

Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Natalie Groenewoud I am 44 years old and have been dealing with skin irritations for over 21 years. I have, like most people, gone to family doctors, medical doctors and dermatologists in which they would ask only a few questions and then prescribe a topical dermatitis cream that “should reduce and/or eliminate the issue”. Well, it/they did reduce the issue, but for a very short period of time, where then I would go back and they would prescribe a higher concentration cream (you know where this is going….) However, in May of 2014, I went and saw Dr. Groenewoud, ND for a 60 min consultation/visit, and right off the bat I felt she had already surpassed finding out the cause of my issues further than any medical doctor or dermatologist had, by asking me questions. After every question she asked and that I answered, she would fire off another question; she was listening to me and understanding my lifestyle to get a better idea to the cause of the issue. This is something I have never experience with any other doctor. This truly made me feel like there was hope and that I didn’t have to be stuck with these issues for the rest of my life.

Three weeks into the program/lifestyle change, the change in eating habits became easier and the lifestyle change because easier. Five weeks after that first visit, the majority of my issues were gone due to understanding what I was putting into my body and the effects it had on it, and how my liver just wasn’t keeping up with processing all that bad stuff. This change was a very easy change, but also was an adjustment as the bad stuff was in a lot of the food I was eating. Dr. Groenewoud is a great Dr. and a wonderful person. It was so comforting to have a doctor that asked a lot of questions and a doctor that truly listen. She listened to me and provided me what I needed. She is changing my life – a life I didn’t know I could have.

Aumakua Review by Anna, Whistler, BC

"…great care and tactfulness."

Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Natalie Groenewoud At a point in my life where I was the most discouraged after meeting with Doctors who could never answer any questions in regards to a tumor I had discovered in my liver, I was directed to meet up with Dr. Natalie Groenewoud, who immediately put my mind at ease and with great care and tactfulness was able to describe to me what could be possible reasons for why this tumor is existing in my body. With her techniques and knowledge we were able to pinpoint various weak points in my system, which now after having been put on a healing program through homeopathic medicines, I have seen GREAT progress in my health. My energy has increased, pain has decreased and for the first time in forever literally my skin has been smooth and glowing.. I feel so grateful to have met her and have been educated through her how to change my diet and what to look out for as I’m having great success.. I recommend her to everyone I meet and am SO thankful that I turned to her for help.

Aumakua Review by Dave G.

"... treats me holistically, factoring in all the things happening in my life ..."

Acupuncture Review -Dominique Vallée

Dom is a one stop shop for me, I'm so grateful to her and I always leave our sessions feeling lifted physically, mentally and spiritually.  Dr. Dom is very skilled in Traditional Chinese Medicine and provides real honest and helpful feedback with no judgement. What I love most about her is that she truly cares for her patients and just loves life.

As a very active person who travels a lot for work and likes to get things done, be very social and sometimes not sleep enough……… I seem to always be recovering from an injury or trying to get my life back on a healthy path.  Dom has been so helpful in helping me recover from a variety of past and present injuries. She was very helpful in helping me recover from hip surgery, cracked ribs and a concussion.  Dom has also been able to help my digestion, increase my energy levels while slowing my busy mind and increasing mental clarity. She always treats me holistically, factoring in all the things happening in my life and every time I leave a session I feel incredible and have a renewed sense of hope and optimism for how good I can feel.

Aumakua Review by Michelle D.

"... such an asset to our team in Rio treating athletes ..."

Acupuncture Review -Dominique Vallée I highly recommend Dom to friends, family and athletes - for me she is an example of someone who has found their true calling. She is so passionate about connecting with people as individuals and determining the right course of action whether it be acupuncture, herbs or hugs. She was such an asset to our team in Rio treating athletes and bringing good vibes; we would take her anywhere in a heartbeat.

Aumakua Review by Dale

"...proven to be a kind, caring and very empathetic..."

Acupuncture Review -Dominique Vallée Over the past 13 years I have searched exhaustively for natural solutions to my menopausal symptoms. Every new fad or suggestion from others was tried and proven ineffective.  My sleep was severely disrupted and I was chronically exhausted and low on energy. Being a very busy and high energy person normally, this was a real problem.

Having my daughter who is a doctor always on the lookout for any new non hormonal medications gave me the chance to explore those options as well. However, they all gave me side effects that were totally unacceptable and I gave up on that option.

In searching for alternatives, I met Dominique and she immediately made it a mission to help.  Even though hot flashes and lack of sleep are not seemingly big concerns, she immediately grasped what a huge effect it was having on my life.  With some trial and error using acupuncture and Chinese herbs things have improved greatly.  I still have symptoms but they are at a manageable level and my quality of life has shot up 100%.  Apart from her success she has proven to be a kind, caring and very empathetic Chinese Doctor.  She is a credit to her profession and has made believers of us all!

Aumakua Review by Helen S.

" leave feeling nourished and rejuvenated..."

Acupuncture Review -Dominique Vallée I’ve seen Dominique many times for so many different ailments; neck issues, sleep and stress problems, adrenal fatigue. First off, she has such a calming presence, you feel so comfortable being around her and speaking your mind. Her ability to read your body and your mind is incredible. The treatments are so in-depth and you leave feeling nourished and rejuvenated. I wish I could have her in my back pocket:) I have had acupuncture, cupping and scraping (gua sha) with Dominique.

Aumakua Review by Jacques

"...treatments that did a world of good..."

Acupuncture Review -Dominique Vallée

As an active 73 years young, I tore my rotator cuff 7 months ago. I had physiotherapy which helped but did not give me the comfort I needed. As I have been treated by Dominique for 2 years now I decided to go see her for this issue.

She was patient, listened and we started moving cupping and scraping, it hurt but I did feel much better after. What I found was her approach is soft but firm and she also helped with my other ailments. She also treated digestive problems, neck problems, chronic cough and a other small issues I had. Acupuncture does it all and Dominique's experience as a high level athlete makes her aware of injuries like the one I have. I also had herbal treatments that did a world of good.

Combined with physiotherapy, acupuncture is a perfect way for my age group to feel better, yet we must not forget that we are in our 70’s.

Aumakua Review by Christian

"...extremely gentle and knows exactly what to do."

Acupuncture Review -Dominique Vallée Dominique is an amazing practitioner. She forms a connection with the patient and listens extremely well. This helps her to figure out exactly what is going on and why. I have a phobia of needles (some may call me a fainter) but with Dominique, she is extremely gentle and knows exactly what to do. I now use acupuncture regularly because of her. The results I have seen are quite unbelievable, she treats everything from digestion, psoriasis and other skin issues, chronic cough, to energy levels, to sleep, to muscular and skeletal issues. She compliments the acupuncture treatments with cupping and herbal formulas. I now love taking Chinese herbal powder at home. Herbs have helped me gain better digestion as well as more sound sleep. As an athlete I'm very picky with my body and what I do with it, I only trust the best and can't afford mediocre results when it comes to my health. This is why I trust Dom, she is above and beyond the best I have ever seen.

Aumakua Review by Megan N.

"...treatments provide me with immediate and lasting relief."

Acupuncture Review -Dominique Vallée I am a competitive athlete that has struggled with shoulder and neck pain for the past year. Dominique’s combinations of cupping, guasha and acupuncture encourage my body to heal itself. Her treatments provide me with immediate and lasting relief. I no longer have trouble getting to sleep at night from my shoulder burning! Dominique is warm and optimistic. She is enthusiastic in her practice and provides much clarity during treatment. She’s also a fantastic coach – and gives plenty of at home remedies and things I can do for prevention, maintenance and recovery. Bravo Dom!

Aumakua Review by Jill F.

"Her kindness and warmth immediately made me feel comfortable..."

Clinical Counsellor Review - Hillary Murfitt

Hilary Murfitt is an exceptional counsellor. Since our very first session together, I have felt welcomed into her office as she makes it a safe and judgement free zone. Her kindness and warmth immediately made me feel comfortable around her and her intelligence and years of experience made her an incredibly effective counsellor. I came to Hilary looking for help as a teen struggling with stress, anxiety, and LGBT issues and through working with her she has changed my life for the better. I would recommend her to anyone.

Aumakua Review by Patti, West Vancouver, BC

"Her knowledge, experience and sincere care…"

Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Natalie Groenewoud
I went to see Dr. Groenwoud to address a slow recovery from Adrenal Fatigue. I felt confident choosing her as a support for my health concerns as she had too experienced the same condition. Her knowledge, experience and sincere care have resulted in a quick and successful recovery. I feel like I finally have my life back. I can’t thank her enough!

Aumakua Review by Rochelle A.

"…results when my other doctors were not able to help me."

Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Jordan Atkinson
I have always wished someone would understand me in the way that Dr. Jordan does. He was really helpful in getting my anxiety under control and getting my energy back. He got results when my other doctors were not able to help me. It it a really nice feeling to know that your naturopathic doctor is on the same page as you.

Aumakua Review by Alex P.

"Dr. Bell has been a lifesaver…"

Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Alea Bell
Dr. Bell has been a lifesaver for my health and business. I was working long hours with high stress, and Dr. Bell was able to strengthen my body to the point were I did not experience any fatigue until well into the evening. I feel stronger, more focused, and am able to put in a full day thanks to Dr. Bell and her wisdom. I felt that I had a weak overall constitution before I met Dr. Bell, and now I feel energized, healthy and happy. My only regret is that I did not seek out the benefits of Naturopathic medicine sooner. I highly recommend Dr. Bell to anyone interested in feeling their best every day.

Aumakua Review by Adrienne M.

"...I credit Dr. Bell with helping me lead a happier migraine free life."

Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Alea Bell Living with migraines seemed normal. Excruciating pain, missing work/social events, dark/quiet rooms was just a part of life or so I thought. When I started experiencing migraines 2-3x a week I was desperate to try anything to make them stop. I found Dr. Alea Bell online and though a huge skeptic of naturopathic medicine, I thought I should cross it off the list of possible cures. It was almost a last ditch attempt before I chopped my head off. What I found surprised me and changed my life for the better. Dr. Bell was the first person who really listened to how I was feeling and she let me in on what my body was trying to tell me. I was put on a very challenging diet program that I thought was insane and pointless but I didn’t once cheat and gave it my all. It wasn’t easy, but I saw results immediately. Within two weeks the migraines stopped completely. I was hesitant and unsure, always waiting for the next headache that still hasn’t come. My entire diet had to change but I didn’t have to chop my head off. This skeptic is a believer and I credit Dr. Bell with helping me lead a happier migraine free life.

Aumakua Review by Violet M.

"...highly recommend Dr. Jordan’s natural immune booster."

Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Jordan Atkinson I had the flu shot a few years ago while I was working and felt quite ill afterwards. The next year I had heard of Dr. Jordan’s natural immune booster which I then went and had. I’ve been having the natural immune booster for the past few years and haven’t had any reaction and no flu despite my coworkers all complaining and having to be off work with it. I would highly recommend Dr. Jordan’s natural immune booster.

Aumakua Review by Lois N.

"...Myers’ therapy gives me an energy boost..."

Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Alea Bell Managing work, home and travel takes a lot of energy. I find the Myers’ therapy gives me an energy boost to keep up with all of my activities, particularly in the winter and prior to travel. I’ve been seeing Dr. Bell for over 2 years for naturopathic advice on eating and health and would highly recommend her for her very personable and practical approach.

Aumakua Review by Deborah R.

"I’m 64… and feel like I’m 49 again!!!"

Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Jordan Atkinson I’m 64 years old and am also a caregivers to my elderly parents. I went to see Dr. Atkinson as I was feeling “run down”. He then gave my a B12 shot and within the week could feel the difference in my energy level. He got labs tests done to monitor my B12 levels as well. I now go and have the shots every couple of months and feel like I’m 49 again!!!!

Aumakua Review by Dave T

"…both my ankle and knee feel strong again!"

Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Jordan Atkinson
Dr. Jordan fixed my knee and ankle with prolo-therapy. I had a history of ankles sprains and knee pain could not ski anymore. He was able to get me back on the ski slopes after only 5 treatments and both my ankle and knee feel strong again! I would recommend Dr. Jordan for anyone with ankle or knee issues. Thanks Dr. Jordan.

Aumakua Review by Doug O.

"…increased level of energy..."

Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Alea Bell I play hockey 3 times a week and since I have been doing the monthly IV therapy I have noticed an increased level of energy both on and off the ice. In addition, I have also noticed a quicker recovery time after all my sports. The most significant benefit for me personally has been my increased immune system. I deal with clients all day long in sales as well as traveling a lot by plane and I was always prone to colds at least once a quarter it seemed. Since the IV therapy I have not had one cold or flu like symptoms and I can’t say enough about the benefits of this therapy.

Aumakua Review by Nicole M.

"…extremely knowledgable..."

Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Jordan Atkinson Dr. Jordan is an amazing Naturopathic doctor. He is very sympathetic and caring. He is extremely knowledgeable and gave me the tools and natural remedies I needed in order to cope with my ailments. After being a client of Dr. Jordan’s I strongly believe in the power of natural remedies, and would strongly recommend him to anyone wanting to take a natural approach to curing your ailments.

Aumakua Review by Bill W

"...within three weeks, all my symptoms disappeared."

Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Jordan Atkinson I had been snorer for years, experienced interrupted sleep during the night because of dehydration (have to drink 1-2 glasses of water during the night). I then went to Dr. Jordan and he suggested a food sensitivity blood test. This was a easy and quick blood test that revealed a number of sensitivities to various food. The number one sensitivity being gluten. I immediately went off of gluten and within three weeks, all my symptoms disappeared. I have now been gluten free for two years and am so thankful to Dr. Jordan. My wife can’t thank him enough as she now has a great night’s sleep without having my snoring disrupt her sleep.

Aumakua Review by Rainbow W.

"…compassion, understanding, expertise and experience."

Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Alea Bell Every issue or challenge I have brought to Dr. Bell has been handled with compassion, understanding, expertise and experience. I especially like that we talk about my concern thoroughly and find an approach that I am comfortable with. It’s great to be prescribed treatments that work at fixing the problem, without giving you a list of side effects to worry about.

Specifically I enjoy how easy it is to talk to Dr. Bell about anything, she is genuinely interested, her readiness to help, the effectiveness of the treatments, and her dedication to finding a solution to my issues have all been a wonderful aspect of visiting her.

My experiences with Dr. Bell have always been really positive, she’s got a great attitude and her care has improved my health in many ways physically and emotionally. Dr. Bell has always brought great ideas and an excellent level care to my appointments, she has carefully addressed all of my issues and together we have improved my health to reduce or eliminate a variety of symptoms.

I had been to two other Naturopaths before visiting Dr. Bell and I feel that I have found a good fit with her; there isn’t anything that I wouldn’t feel comfortable talking to Dr. Bell about, and I like that even if there is something that requires traditional medicine treatment, such as surgery, etc., there are complementing natural treatments one can do.

Also, I remember feeling helpless when telling my G.P. about an ongoing symptom and being told that was normal and basically there was nothing to do about it, but Dr. Bell’s approach is that there is always something we can try, and it’s worked!

I have and will recommend Dr. Bell to any friends and family seeking a natural and non-invasive treatment method, and to anyone seeking an alternative to traditional medicine and it’s side effects.

Aumakua Review by Susan B

"He was so caring and patient…"

Naturopathic Doctor Review - Dr. Jordan Atkinson
Over the last couple of weeks, I had been suffering with sciatica pain. I went to a couple of physio appointment but the pain continued. I then went to Dr. Jordan and had prolotherapy. I was expecting some pain during the treatment but didn’t experience any. He was so caring and patient, as he applied the treatment that I was quite relaxed. I had already booked another appointment with the physio so I then went the next day. She couldn’t believe how much better I was and asked me what I had done. When I told her, she asked me for the naturopathic doctor’s name as she wanted to recommend him to her clients. I am now back to my 2 hour walks and will begin playing tennis this week. Thank you Dr. Jordan!