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Initial Consultations

Naturopathic Initial Visit (1.5 hours)   $252.50
All initial visits include a 4-Point Assessment , 1 hour consultation with a Naturopath, and Nutritional Support.

Important: Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to complete the 4-point assessment. Your nutrition consultations will be booked after your initial visit.

Returning Consultations

One Hour Return Visit (60 mins)   $190

Regular Return Visit (30 mins)        $100

Quick Return (10 mins)                     $60

All Prescription Refills: 10 min in person or phone consult required                $60


Intravenous Therapies

  • Myers’ Cocktail Drip     $102
  • Adrenal Energy Rebuilder     $122
  • Collagen Build & Repair     $143
  • Immune Strengthening      $143
  • Nutrient Repletion    $143
  • High Dose Vitamin C    $130-$170
  • Chelating Toxic Metals
    • Na EDTA    $150
    • Ca EDTA    $120
  • Skin Lightening and Brightening    $122

Intramuscular Injection

  • B12 Shot     $25.50

When purchasing a series of 5-10 IV’s receive 10% off, this applies for all Intravenous Services.



Check In & Refuel! (30 Minute Follow Up)                           $65

This is a 30 minute follow up appointment. This is recommended for clients who found the minor adjustments to their current plan and are looking for a quick check in. During this session you will address what went well and what still needs work from the initial visit. From there additional recommendations and support will be provided to fine tune your new tools while you’re on your health journey! (Please Note: This service cannot be offered without an Initial Consultation)


Offered by Hilary Murfitt.
Please email Hilary at hilary@aiwclinic.com if you have questions regarding counselling and feel that a brief telephone conversation, prior to booking, would be helpful.
If you are ready to book a consultation, please call the clinic and we will gladly assist you.


  • Initial visit (50 minutes)                  $115
  • Subsequent visits (50 minutes )     $115
  • Trigger Point Injection Therapy (50 minutes)   $155


*Cost of chinese herbs is an additional cost, prices vary depending on recommended amount.