4-Point Assessment

All Naturopathic Initial visits will receive a 4-point assessment to gain insight into your current state of being. Our Naturopaths use this information to gain a better understanding of how to support you and develop a specialized treatment plan.

Click below to learn more about each component of your assessment.

Heart Rate Variability

Patients enjoy using the Max Pulse machine. This machine is non-invasive and requires nothing more than the patient to sit quietly and still for a few minutes. The Max Pulse is a screening device that reads your pulse, providing your doctor with baseline information about your adrenal system and cardiovascular system. Having this information allows your doctor to better understand the health of those systems and enables a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Blood Picture

A drop of your blood will be taken and amplified under a microscope. This will help us assess systemic toxicity and determine how well the liver is detoxifying.

Blood Sugar

Blood sugar abnormalities are one of the most significant causes of a multitude of diseases in the body. These abnormalities are the result of a lack of communication between the liver, pancreas and adrenals. Without a functioning sugar metabolism, the body is unable to get back into balance. For this reason, it is essential that this becomes a priority in an individual’s treatment plan.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is essential to ensuring that nutrients, oxygen and blood flow reach all tissues and organ systems in your body. When blood pressure is too high, it puts a lot of stress on the receiving organ systems in your body and can cause organ tissue damage. If it is too low, there can be a lack of blood flow to distal tissues causing fatigue, dizziness, cold hands and feet.


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